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  Jigging Machine
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  Jigging Machine


MY-7 Depth 1.0~999.9m
Revolution of Drum 5~150rpm(When lifting 5~125rpm)
Power Supply 3-phase AC220V, 60
Motor Geared Motor used solely for squid fishing robot
Reduction Ratio 1:20(1/20)
Lifting Power Setting Range 0~43 Max.90kg
Jigging Depth 0.0~999.9m
Overall Dimensions 495W270D440H(mm)
Fixed Foot 520260(mm)
Weight About69kg(Excluding Drums)
Centralized Control Panel Power Supply 3-phase AC220V, 60
Mode of Operation Independent, Concurrent, Sequential1-2, Synchro Sequential1-2, Zigzag
Block Dividing Starboard, Port
Count of Circuit 16circuits, 32circuits
Overall Dimension : Central. Ctrl Panel 408W394D107H
Overall Dimension : Water Depth Remote Control Unit 243W183D77H
Overall Dimension : Vertical Motion Remote Ctrl Panel 395W183D68H
Foot fixed Dimension : Central. Ctrl Panel 340300mm
Foot fixed Dimension : Water Depth Remote Control Unit 180110mm
Foot fixed Dimension : Vertical Motion Remote Ctrl Panel 330110mm
Weight : Central. Ctrl Panel 12.0kg
weight : Water Depth Remote Control Unit 2.6kg
weight : Vertical Motion Remote Ctrl Panel 3.5kg
1.Attention to developed jigging system of the eight equally divided motions
Up to now it's impossible to establish a starting position of jigging by the system of
octant motions. However, MY-7 has enough ability to establish it by the octant motions.
Combining of jigging patterns is free.
Any pattern of jigging can be settied easily by the editorial function.

2.Controlling is simple by watching DataDisplay!
Centralized Control Pannel and Data Panel are combined.
Established value is obvious and easy to change.

3.Changing of operation mode can be done by a touch!
Only a touch-manipulation change variety of operation modes.
There are 17 patterns of operation mode including the bows and stern.

4.Standardizing Remote Control Unit establishes depth of hooks in the water easily!
The Unit that already gained favorable notice by MY-10 is equipped with it normally.
By turning the Depth Changing Dial merely it shall be done.
Fundamental jigging operation is derived from Standardizing Remote Control Unit.

5.Too light-weight!
Comparing with 75kg of MY-3, 69kg of MY-7 has too less weight.
Stainless steel Drums realize lighit weight as 1.5kg/piece either.

6.Other functions
Convenience of both slight lifting and lowering movements are included.
Alarming and stopping function in emergency are installed in jigging machines.
When lowering, rolling down to 150rpm is available.
Fish Detector Linked Unit can be connected.

Not only Coastal but also deep sea.